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Meet The Team

My name is Clare and I was born and brought up in the west end of Glasgow, I come from a family who are mad about cats. I grew up alongside two beautiful felines, Runa and Korky, who were very much part of the family. Since then I’ve always surrounded myself with cats and can never pass one in the street without stopping to have a little chat. I guess this stereotypes me as the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, but to be honest it’s a title I’m quite happy with!

As a baby with Korky and now, with my cat Toby

I’m self-employed and work as a freelance events manager in the creative arts scene. I’m also vegan and enjoy living a healthy, active lifestyle. I’m looking forward to meeting all you fellow cat lovers out there and making firm friends with your lovely felines!

Enquiries contact:
Clare ~ 07521 704663 ~

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Korky, Runa & Tara