Edinburgh, Midlothian & Borders

My name is Jackie and I’m a self-confessed crazy cat lady. I am a volunteer with Lothian Cat Rescue.

I have always lived with animals around me when growing up including birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs a tortoise and a dog called Sparky.
I never thought of myself as a cat person until I got my first cat Oscar. I watched as a little ball of ginger fluff popped his head of the cat basket and the crazy cat lady was born. When Oscar was nine months old I got Felix from Lothian Cat Rescue. It was a tense few days with them both until I found them cuddled up on the bed together and from then on with only the occasional spat and a bit of fur flying they were the best of friends for the rest of their days.

I now have Ollie who I got as a kitten, from a friends cats unexpected litter and Ozzy another rescue cat from Lothian cat rescue. They are now both 10 years old, but still manage to cause mayhem around the house, but just a little bit slower these days.

Cats will always be part of my life now and I look forward to meeting yours.

Enquiries contact Jackie:
07894 878270