West Lothian

Meet The Team

My name is Tricia and my clients call me ‘The Magic Cat Lady’.

I grew up surrounded by pets throughout my childhood. Fourteen years ago, I got my beautiful boy Thurston as a kitten. He was soon joined by Leo, who I adopted as a kitten from the Cats Protection and a year later Mia, a.k.a ‘Tiny Cat’ joined our ranks and thus ‘Team Feline’ was born. Four years ago, we were joined by Tabby and my my furry family was complete. Now, I couldn’t imagine life without my feline sidekicks. They’re all such individual little characters and they mean the world to me.

As a life-long animal-lover and pet owner, in 2013 I decided to turn my passion into a career and I founded Team Feline Cat Sitting Service. The name is taken from the affectionate moniker by which I refer to my own furry ‘team’ of kitty cats.

Since launching, I have personally conducted over 8000 pet visits.
I have extensive experience in feline care and in dealing with a range of common cat illnesses, including diabetes, asthma, renal problems, arthritis, hypertension, and hyperthyroidism. I am experienced in administering oral medication and insulin injections.

Enquiries contact:
Tricia ~ 07876 746600 ~

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Assistant Pet Sitter

My name is Kerry and my little story all started with the furry little love of my life, called Puss, who adopted my family many years ago. Since then, my love for animals and cats in particular, has grown. As a result, I decided to change my career path and aim for my dream job, becoming a Veterinary Nurse. I am currently studying towards this goal.

I joined Team Feline as Assistant Cat Sitter in Autumn 2017 and it is quite simply, the best job in the world! I have loved meeting all of my new fluffy friends so far.

Kerry & Puss